Special Olympics spread compassion and acceptance in a way that can unite the world. Our goal is to awaken everyone - and every community - to each person's common humanity. Understanding brings acceptance; acceptance brings peace. This vision of inclusion starts at the local level. It's expanding on a global scale.

Communities of Support

Building Support. Despite the rain, spectators line up to see two young women race down a track in Rwanda.

There are about 200 million people with intellectual disabilities around the world. Our goal is to reach out to every one of them - and their families as well.

Special Olympics does this through a wide range of trainings, competitions, health screenings and fund-raising events. We also create opportunities for families, community members, local leaders, businesses, law enforcements, celebrities, dignitaries and others to band together to change attitudes and support athletes.

Special Olympics create communities of support everywhere it goes. We hold 50,000 competitions a year - about 136 each day. Our games and competitions bring together athletes, coaches, volunteers, supporters and leaders of community.

Special Olympics has the support of governments worldwide. We have helped bring about policies to improve education, health care, and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities all around the world. Some of our key program efforts to build communities are: Athlete Leadership Program, Familt Engagement, Healthy Athletes, Project UNIFY and Young Athletes.

Connecting Us All

Special Olympics knows no boundaries. Without regards to gender, race, religion, economic or education level, Special Olympics has the ability to unite all walks of life.

This spirit of generosity, inclusion and volunteerism helps to connect the community as a whole. In this way we can build a stronger, safer world.